Saturday, November 26, 2011



When I first met you..

...When I first met u, I nvr thought u'd be the one who would give me the feeling that everything is right when ur around, or that feeling that makes me lose my words everytime u smile at me...I nvr expected u to be the one who I'd be thinking about each day, or the one who'd I always look forward to seeing the next day...I've tried my hardest to fight these feelings...but I can't...I just can't...Becoz wat I've realized is that out of everyone I've met in this world, u are the one who can giv me these feelings everyday. And I'm hoping that some day or even just for a second, that I can giv these exact same feelings to u, so I could mean this much to u hav meant to me each day...
In any relationship there are times when both of us think we are right, and both of us have the facts to back up our argument, but that’s what our problem is. Relationships are not debates nor are they strategic chess matches of wits. That’s not what we signed up for. Talk it out...

Separated by looks of hate
early chances turn too late
patching up what seems not broke
keeping sides becomes the joke....

Stop it now and learn to listen
make amends, let us glisten
meeting halfway is a start
say I’m sorry, revive the spark....

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